'Cup of Wisdom' cups are like no other, attractive in nature whilst displaying messages

of wisdom for the pleasure of your coffee consumer. The inner-wall of our coffee cups  are coated with Ingeo™ innovative corn-based bioplastic, a sustainable plant-based alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastic coffee cups. At Cup of Wisdom, we strive to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price.


We offer a range of environmentally friendly products and tailored Graphic Design solutions to suit

your businesses needs.


Our aim is to create an online community via social media, engaging cafes and businesses that stock our products with end-users, coffee lovers and inspiration seekers by encouraging them to share pictures, messages, words of wisdom and all things coffee. By creating this community we can offer cafes and businesses that stock Cup of Wisdom product cross promotions, consumer engagement, boosted social media profiles,

special promotions and exclusive deals.


Our Vision, Misson and Values are central to who we are and how we do business.

They guide us, shape our culture and help us make decisions.



To enrich people's lives through the power of positivity and fight for environmental sustainability for generations to come.

To bring inspiration to the simple moments in life. Making the world a happier place for both people

and planet.​ 




Make your mark on the world, be bold, be creative be you. We invite the dreamers, believers and courageous, the people with their head in the clouds and

feet on the ground.